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Helping to build a more sustainable future... with plastics

 Advanced Blending Technologies OptiMISER System, allows companies to meet there sustainable, circular economy or green products goals by allowing products to be formulated with blends of recycled plastics.  The blends can be formulated to give the same performance as virgin resin.  The general public, governments and the plastic industry are calling for innovative ways that improve our environment. Reducing or eliminating waste by incorporating used plastics into new products and applications.  An example of this is the Plastics Industry Associations sustainability statement:

The Plastics Industry Association encourages all companies engaged in plastics manufacturing to make sustainability a guiding principle at all levels of operation. Sustainable plastic manufacturing conducts business in a way that seeks to drive value creation for society, the environment, and the industry. It also strives for improvement to reduce impacts on natural resources, minimizing waste generation, and shifting toward renewable energy options; all of which reduces greenhouse gas impacts. Efforts should be guided by scientific data that measures the impacts of the many lifecycle stages of plastic products, consistent with the values of Sustainable Materials Management, and strive to keep materials in circularity for remanufacturing whenever it yields the greatest environmental benefit. These activities should be measured and reported with integrity and transparency. 

One of the ways manufactures, governments and the general public can meet these goals is capturing waste plastic and channeling it into efficient recycling and recovery systems.  Recycling is extensively recognized as a significant method to reduce costs and environmental impact across the construction, manufacturing and retail sectors.  The recyclability of plastic is also one of its greatest strengths as an extremely resource-efficient material.  Used plastic should be regarded as a valuable resource rather than a waste. 

Taking single-use plastics and converting them into quality products has significant benefits including:

  • Provides sustainable source of raw material
  • Greatly reduces the environmental (especially the CO2) impact of plastic products
  • Minimizes the amount of plastic being sent to the landfill sites
  • Reduces the consumption of oil
  • Consumes less energy than producing virgin polymers
  • Competitive benefit where the customer is looking for sustainability

Advanced Blending Technologies OptiMISER System can make your company competitive in the push for sustainable plastic products.  The OptiMISER system can use all the recycled plastic streams as inputs into the software, whether the material is ocean plastics, post consumer, post industrial or Molecular recycled plastics.  Call ABT today to schedule your demonstration.