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A proven software-based system combining Advanced Blending Technologies’ expertise in polyethylene blending and advanced material characterization with one-of-a-kind polyethylene blend formulation software


Advanced Blending Technologies offers a sourcing service that locates materials that meet all—or part—of your needs. We have extensive Post Industrial and Post Consumer Polyethylene sources for HDPE, MDPE, LLDPE LDPE, HMWPE.


Advanced Blending Technologies focuses on helping manufacturers and processors use recycled materials more efficiently, increasing availability, lowering costs, improving product quality and increasing throughput.

Improve the bottom line​​


With The OptiMISER System processors are using 100% recycled plastic materials.  Processors are experiencing improved throughput, scrap reduction and higher quality while reducing material costs.


Blending formulation is a complex and multifaceted process. The properties that determine the formulation success are different for every application, process and manufacturer.

Blow Molding

Increase throughput & reduce scrap

Injection Molding

Increase impact strength

Pipe & Profile Extrusion

Improve stress crack resistance

Sheet, Film Extrusion & Thermoforming

Dependable tear strength & sag strength


With The OptiMISER System, you can formulate recycled plastic blends that perform the same as virgin materials, but cost much less.  Each blend is formulated for your process, your blending capabilities and your quality requirements.

Simple, easy-to-use operator instructions ​

Software that delivers all possible recipe/blend solutions optimized for least cost

Rapid low cost material characterization methods

Software setup and training included

Need More Convincing

You have nothing to lose… except high scrap rates, annoying process adjustments, frustrating quality issues…

OptiMISER® Demo

Watch a short video on how easy the OptiMISER software is to use.

Cut Your Costs

Flip through some slides and see how the OptiMISER System can reduce your material costs.


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Our No Risk Guarantee

The OptiMISER® System is guaranteed to reduce costs. If, after using The OptiMISER System for 90 days, you do not experience lower costs, we will refund your fees.

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Founded in 2002, Advanced Blending Technologies (ABT) is committed to providing recycled polyethylene users with expertise, strategic services and formulation solutions to help reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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