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Lab Equipment recommendations and Sales

Advance Blending Technologies (ABT) can help you set up your plastic testing lab.  We have experience with many lab equipment suppliers.  ABT looks for test equipment partners, that are low in maintenance, easy to use and cost effective.

Agilent Technologies
ABT works with Agilent Technologies for Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometers (FTIR).  We have developed methods (App) to determine percent Polypropylene (PP) contamination in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).  Likewise, ABT has also developed methods to determine HDPE contamination of PP.   In addition, a
method to accurately determine Igepal concentration for environmental stress crack resistance testing has been developed.

Ultrasonic Density (ASTM D 4883)
If you are looking for Ultrasonic density testing equipment for testing the density of polyethylene, ABT can help.  Contact us to arrange a quote.

Lab Testing

Advanced Blending Technologies can provide and assist with your testing needs.  

Test Description

Please note, Advanced Blending Technologies is not an ISO certified lab.  If you need a certified lab, we can recommend one.