Advanced Blending Technologies, LLC

Plastic Blend Formulating & Optimizing

Material Sourcing Assistance

Advanced Blending Technologies offers a sourcing service that locates materials that meets all or part of your needs. We have extensive Post Industrial and Post Consumer Polyethylene sources for HDPE, MDPE, LLDPE LDPE, HMWPE, in regrind, reprocessed and densified film forms.  We also have sources for recycled Polypropylene Post Consumer and Post Industrial.

With our sourcing service you can stay in total control. You determine the price you want to pay, the volume and type of material needed. We will find a source, and provide you with the specific detail you need to issue the purchase order. Dealing directly with the vendor allows you to avoid typical broker commissions.

One more way, to help you improve your bottom line. Call us today at 419.306.3727